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Script Type: Ceremonial Theater – 45 to 60 minutes



Written as a textual intervention from Ernest Hemingway’s short story “Indian Camp,” Wondrous Stories reimagines the story of a Caucasian doctor and his son taking over the birth of a baby from the perspectives of the Native American’s waiting for the child to be born.


  • A Native American encampment somewhere in Massachusetts


  • Perceived superiority of one over another
  • Balance of nature and one’s life
  • Reclaiming the truth of Native American life

Cast of Characters: 1 Female, 3 Males, 3 Any Gender

Narrator50 to 75 year-old – Native American – The Narrator is an elder who understands the world around them and sees those connections other people can’t see. As the Narrator they let the audience understand what is happening in the piece, but also communicate with the other actors as well.
Night Owl21 to 25 year-old – Native American – Night Owl is the brother-in-law of the woman giving birth. He brough the father and Nick from the mainland to the encampment but doesn’t understand why. He is frustrated with the way Father treats him and his people.
Dawn Feather19 to 24 year-old – Native American – Dawn Feather is the woman giving birth. She arrives to put things straight for those who assume she doesn’t have a voice. She is a strong, outspoken person who isn’t afraid to get into anyone’s face or afraid to set the record straight.
Father35 to 40 year-old – Native American – Father is an original creation of Ernest Hemingway. He is an arrogant, self-absorbed individual who doesn’t care much for the world around him. He is focused on his goals and care little for anything else.
Nick12 to 18 year-old – Native American – Nick is an original creation of Ernest Hemingway. He is the son of Father and curious about the world. Nick follows Father around trying to understand him but doesn’t hold the same values.
The RiverAny Age – Native American – The River is a personification of the river which brought Night Owl, Father and Nick to the encampment. The River sings their thoughts instead of speaking. They act as a “chorus” telling the audience the mood of the situation.
Azeban (Raccoon)Any Age – Native American – Azeban is a trickster animal. He is represented by a puppet, but has a strong personality of his own. Azeban is non-speaking, but very charasmatic.


This is a textual intervention of Indian Camp by Ernest Hemingway. A textual intervention is a way to reimaging a story from a different perspective. Some famous textual interventions are Gergory Maguire’s Wicked (based off of L. Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz books), John Gardner’s Grendel (based off of the epic poem Beowulf), and Laila Lalami’s The Moor’s Account (based off of Cabeza de Vaca’s The RelaciĆ³n).