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Script Type: 10-minute play


Two firefighters venture into the California landscape after the 2020 fires looking for signs of life. They discuss the nature of fire, work and life. This is an eco-theater piece designed to invoke thoughts about the future and what we can do to save ourselves.


  • A burnt-out forest after the California wildfires of 2020 during the day
  • a Conference setting given at a talk in the future


  • Native American Relationship with Earth
  • Future Progress
  • Respect for Nature and Humanity
  • The Need for Balance

Cast of Characters: 3 Any Gender

Billie – 30 to 40 year-old – Any Race/Any Gender: An old timey firefighter who is opinionated, stubborn and obstinate. Billie is taking Alex, the rookie, out for their first in the field outing.
Alex – 20 to 24 year-old – A Native American/Any Gender: A rookie firefighter out on their first assignment. Alex is respectful, understanding, and educated. Alex puts up with Billie’s ideas because they are used to hearing similar rhetoric.
The Presenter – Any Age – Any Race/Any Gender: An individual 100 years in the future presenting to an audience. This person is the representation of the future the production team wants to display.


Based off of an original idea created for Bard University Climate Teach-In Short Play competition, inspired by the article Fire-Loving Fungi.

2 Page Excerpt:

The full script can be downloaded on E. Salvador’s New Play Exchange Profile.