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Script Type: 2 Act – Full Length

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James Eagle Strike is a troubled young man who has returned to his childhood home to solve the mystery of why his father who abandoned his family 10 years earlier. James pieces together what happens through multiple perspectives of the same event. Does his understanding lead to forgiveness or does it lead to more questions?


  • A trailer park in New Hampshire
  • The inside the Night Owl trailer
  • A Hill overlooking the trailer park


  • Reclaiming Personal Identity
  • Bigotry and Racism
  • Discovering One’s Purpose
  • The Power (and Pitfalls) of Family

Cast of Characters: 3 Females, 5 Males, 1 Any Gender

James Eagle Strike28-years-old – Native American – James left home when he was 18 after being tired of feeling out of place. James returns after 10 years searching for answers about his father who left the family when James was 8. During his time away he has improved as a martial artist, something his father instilled in him when he was young. James is searching for his identity.
Jenny Night Owl24-years-old – Native American – Jenny is James’ sister. She is four years younger than James and has few memories of her father. She stayed living with her mother, Lydia, after James left home. She has a fascination with movies because her father left her his video tape collection. Jenny is in a relationship with Victor.
Lydia Night Owl50 – 55 years-old – Native American – Lydia is James Eagle Strike’s mother. She has lived in the trailer park most of her life and has never felt the need to leave. Her husband David left under mysterious circumstances 20 years earlier. She lives with her daughter Jenny who reads letters to her that James has written over the past decade because Lydia refuses to put a phone in the trailer.
Victor Thomas27-years-old – African American – Victor is James’ childhood friend. Victor looked up to James because he was a year younger. Victor went to college and got a degree in finance but loves the trailer park community and continues to live there. He has been dating Jenny for a while and wantst o marry her but doesn’t know when to pop the question. He knows a little about what happened to James’ father.
David Night Owl30-years-old – Native American – David is James and Jenny’s father and Lydia’s husband. He left his family under mysterious circumstances 20 years ago. He is the voice that James hears in his head and wants James to find his way in the world. David has not aged since he left home.
Mama Ix70+ year-old – Native American – Mama Ix is an old Aztec woman who has been living in the Trailer Parks longer than anyone remembers. She has always been old. She is the secret keeper of the trailer park and likes to know everything that is happening. She is acerbic and incredibly strong, even within her old age.
SkeletonAny Age – Native American – This skeleton is a ghost spirit of warriors past. He protects the sacred land surrounding the trailer park. He appears every 20 years in hopes of finding someone worthy of taking over the mantle of protector.
Young Victor7-years-old – Native American – A younger version of Victor who witnessed part of what happened to David.
Young James8-years-old – Native American – A younger version of James who was friends with Victor.


This is an adaptation of a Shoshone story called Skeleton Ghost found in the book Shoshone Tales, series of stories collected by Anne M. Smith.