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Script Type: Full Length without intermission

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Five criminals come together, for the first time, to celebrate their latest heist. Coordinated by the mysterious Azeban, these criminals share their individual stories about how they were recruited and what they were tasked to do. Unbeknownst to the group a Special Forces Unit looks on and patiently waits for the orchestrator, Azeban, to arrive. When will Azeban appear, or has he already?


  • An apartment overlooking the Merrimack River in Manchester, NH


  • Redemption of ones Actions
  • The mystery of Azeban
  • Perceptions vs Reality

Cast of Characters: 2 Females, 3 Males, 3 Any Gender

Team Leader30+ years-old – Any Race – Team Leader oversees the Swat Team operation. They are a disembodied voice. If possible, they should sound as if they a speaking through the radio.
ArchAngel28+ years-old – Any Race – ArchAngel is a sniper who lays in the audience and communicates with Team Leader. They have a lot of experience as a sniper, which means they have spent a lot of time being alone and controlling the situation on their own. They have issues with not knowing the full scenario of any situation.
AzebanAny Age – Any Race – Azeban is a mysterious figure who is always masked and always speaks with a disguised, modulated voice. ArchAngel and Team Leader are trying to determine who Azeban is so they can arrest them.
David Andwar35 to 45 year-old – Native American – David Andwar is a meticulous planner. He makes his living as a thief and master criminal. He doesn’t drink alcohol or dull his senses in any way. He is always calm and collected in any situation. His light skin makes people think he is Italian more than Native American.
Charlie Xavier45 to 50 year-old – Caucasian – Charlie is a hacker. Charlie has lived as many different people in his lifetime, starting with Charles Chapman. He hacked noble institutions to fill his pockets because their systems were easy to infiltrate. Charlie hates modern hackers because they don’t have the skills he believes hackers should have. He is a little maniacal and frantic.
Megan Simmons28 to 33 year-old – Caucasian – Megan is a private investigator. She is great at her job, so much so, that not only does she get the job done, but she blackmails different parties to fatten her wallet. She has a brother she committed to the NH psychiatric hospital so he wouldn’t compete with her business. She is calm and collected but gets swept up in the situation easily.
Amita Shaan30 to 35 year-old – Indian American – Amita is a demolition expert. Her parents, immigrants from Arga, India, wanted her to grow up American and never told her about their homeland. Amita, not wanting to be siloed into conventional female roles, became a demolitions expert because it was unexpected for a woman to dominate the field.
Colby Lake28 to 35 year-old – Caucasian – Colby is a corporate lawyer who has spent his life finding loopholes in the legal system to the advantage of himself and his clients. His unscrupulous nature makes him perfect for crime because not only does he protect himself but makes sure his clients are protected from every angle as well.


This was inspired by a writing prompt to create a script that included a group of individuals talking at the same time.