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Script Type: 2 Act – Full Length



Quartet is a show of four snippets during a 24-hour summer day. Full of symbolism and interweaving elements these stories unfold a startling discovery of the nature of self and the ideal of love. Starting with an ill-conceived notion and ending on a twist this Quartet takes the audience through an impactful day in the life of the author.


  • A porch swing outside a house
  • The stone wall of a home near the local road
  • Inside the house overlooking the stone wall
  • Inside an elderly woman’s home


  • Obsession vs. Possession vs. Love
  • The love of oneself vs. love of other
  • The reality of Quantum Mechanics influence
  • The unveiling of the universe’s mysteries

Cast of Characters: 4 Females, 2 Males, 3 Any Gender

Mr. Charlie GoodAny Age – Any Race – Description
Mr. Barbie BadAny Age – Any Race – Description
Bethany O’Brien19-years-old – Caucasian – Description
Kyle Monson19-years-old – Caucasian – Description
Enoch18-year-old – Native American – Description
Mother42-year-old – Caucasian – Description
Father44-year-old – Caucasian – Description
Mrs. Courier75+ year-old – Caucasian – Description


This was an original idea taken from an actual incident in my life. It started from a writing prompt about the importance of props.