Here is a list of the works E. Salvador has. Some of them are completed (and have been performed) while others are being written. There is also a list of “concepts” that are being worked on by E. Salvador.

Completed Works

What Lies In The Fire
Two firefighters venture into a landscape where fire has destroyed everything searching for signs of life.

Works In Progress

Beyond And Before: Where Will You Be?
A ceremonial theatre piece about a young girl and her family helping a young boy in an abusive situation.
Dancing In The Dark
A mystery noir about murdered Native American women in a small college town in New Hampshire.
I Would Have Waited Forever
An adaptation of how The Old Man in the Mountain, from Franconia Notch, New Hampshire, was created.
Live And Let Die
A young man, locked in a safe room, needs to decide whether to stay safe in the room or look after his friend.
Misconception of John Womat
A Native boy runs away to the city to escape his homelife where he befriends a Native girl and dreams of a life together.
A personal story about overcoming the mistakes of the past, the connection of everything and the meaning of love.
Remember High The Memory
An elderly man reminds a terminal friend of who she is as her memory fades due to Alzheimer’s disease.
Shoot High, Aim Low
Five criminals celebrate their latest heist as law enforcement waits eagerly to arrest them.
The Rough Faced Girl
An adaptation of a Mi’kmaq story about Oochigeaskw’, a girl, shunned by her tribe, wanting more from life.
The Skeleton In My Closet
A young man returns home searching for answers for why his father abandoned his family a decade earlier
Wondrous Stories
A Ceremonial theater textural intervention inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s Indian Camp


Works in Concept Phase

These are a few of my rough sketch ideas that I’m researching and haven’t started on yet.

  • Adaptation of Legend of Sleepy Hollow
  • Story about the Pequot War
  • Story about Tsienneto
  • The Special Native American Forces Unit