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Script Type: 2 Act Full Length Musical

5% completed


John Womat lives on the reservation in a situation that feels hopeless. Failing school, troubling home life and little support give John a reason to run away to the city to find an alternate destiny. There he finds a young Native Girl, with troubles of her own, who inspires him to see life in a different way. Together they form a relationship that challenges their situations, both in the city and at home.


  • A reservation near a big city
  • The big city on the coast (like Seattle, WA)


  • Empowering oneself through challenging circumstances
  • What is one willing to give up to succeed?
  • Standing up for what one believes in
  • Finding personal connections in unexpected places

Cast of Characters: 4 Females, 2 Males, 3 Any Gender

John Womat17 to 19 year-old – Native American – John Womat lives on the reservation and is stuck trying to finish high school. He is a strong-willed individual who doesn’t think highly of himself or those around him. John is searching for something but doesn’t know what it is.
Jennifer Begay19 to 21 year-old – Native American – Jennifer is a college dropout who needed to pursue money to send home to her family instead of staying in school. She lives in the slums of the city but is determined to build her way back to college and the dreams she once had.
Jimmi Killinger30 to 45 year-old – Native American – Jimmi makes his living through illegal underground jobs. He doesn’t like it when people take his possessions, disrespect him, or pose a threat to his livelihood.

and many more to come …


This was an original idea based from a concept album I wrote several years ago.