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Script Type: 2 Act – Full Length

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Mike, a struggling cafe owner is wondering what to do with his business and his relationships. On a walk in the woods, his Grandfather tells him the story of The Old Man in the Mountain, a watcher and protector of New Hampshire and its residents for thousands of years. Mike, not a strong believer in his Native American culture, needs to decide what to trust in: his family, his culture or himself.


  • A town in New Hampshire near Franconia Notch
    • cafe “Michaels Meat and Chocolate Emporium”
    • Mike’s Apartment over the cafe
    • A wooded trail near Franconia Notch


  • The importance of culture
  • What is important in relationships?
  • Defining your personal identity

Cast of Characters: 3 Females, 3 Males

Mike35 to 38 year-old – Native American – Mike is the owner of “Mike’s Meats and Chocolate Emporium” a cafe struggling to stay afloat. He is given the choice of living his chosen life or living a life of guaranteed prosperity.
Grandfather75+ year-old – Native American – Grandfather is a Native American elder who practices many of the traditional ways but loves technology. He has been the guardian of Mike and Eve ever since their mother passed away 30+ years ago.
Eve25 to 28 year-old – Native American – Eve is Mike’s sister. Their mother died shortly after giving birth to Eve due to complications with the pregnancy. Eve has an exuberance for life partly because of guilt she feels her mother’s death. Eve is in a relationship with Steve.
Steve32 to 35 year-old – Native American – Steve is a lifelong friend of Mike. He is three years younger but has acted like Mike’s conscious since they were little. Whenever Mike is in doubt, Steve has encouraged Mike since they were little. Steve fell in love with Eve because of how much they spent time together growing up.
Brenda32 to 35 year-old – Any Race – Brenda is a non-Native American who doesn’t understand traditional ways nor cares to. She is in a relationship with Steve but feels he could be destined for more. Her father owns a successful ad agency and has grown accustomed to living a particular lifestyle.
Diane30 to 32 year-old – Any Race – Diane is a future prospect for Mike. (still being written)

more to come …


This was inspired by short stories from the book Land of the Shapeshifter by Stephen W.F. Berwick.