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Script Type: 2-Act Play

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After years of being away, Paul Chopuda returns to his college town in New Hampshire and starts his private investigation agency. An old friend and mentor hires him to look after his daughters who mysteriously disappear in the evening. Paul’s investigation uncovers a dark conspiracy in his small town that threatens the very people whom he is asked to look after.


  • A college town in New Hampshire
    • Paul Chopuda’s PI Office
    • The Yellowfeather House, a respected Native American professor
    • The woods near a Native American reservation


  • Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women
  • Strength of Women
  • Seeing Through the Deception

Cast of Characters: 5 Females, 3 Males

Paul Chopuda32 to 36 year-old – Native American – Paul Chopuda is a single private investigator who has returned to his old college town in New Hampshire after 5 years away. He is a former student of William Yellow Feather and knows the Yellow Feather family well. He is very street smart but can be too trusting at times. Paul knows little about his Native American heritage and is drawn to the local tribe to find culture devoid in his life.
William Yellow Feather50 to 60 years-old – Native American – William Yellow Feather is a respected professor of drama at the local university and throughout the country. He is Paul’s old teacher, graduate school advisor and mentor. He is well-spoken and well-mannered, as an academic would be. While William knows his Native American heritage, he opts to live more like an Academic than in the traditional ways. He is a single father of four daughters since his wife passed away over 5 years ago.
Alder Yellow Feather28 to 30 years-old – Native American – Alder Yellow Feather is the oldest of the Yellow Feather Daughters. She left school to take care of her father after her mother died. Alder has a strong sense of responsibility towards her father and family. However, she also wants to see what life has in store for her.
Ash Yellow Feather16 to 17 years-old – Native American – Ash Yellow Feather is the youngest of the Yellow Feather daughters. Ash is a junior in high school and is desperate to be like her older sisters. Ash has been sheltered from the realities of the world by her father and sisters. She rushes headstrong towards what she wants with little regard to the dangers and struggles which may occur.
Cherry Yellow Feather24 to 26 years-old – Native American – Cherry Yellow Feather is the 2nd oldest of the Yellow Feather daughters. She has recently completed her master’s degree and is looking for work as a teacher. Cherry is close to her sisters and is very protective of them.
Maple Yellow Feather21 to 22 years-old – Native American – Maple Yellow Feather is the 3rd oldest of the Yellow Feather daughters. She is close to finishing school at the local university with an Arts degree in English. Maple focuses on her studies and constantly has her head in her books.
Whisper21 to 22 year-old – Native American – Whisper is a young Native American woman who has died. She appears to Paul as a spirit to help guide him to discover who murdered her. Whisper only speaks in traditional Abenaki and can only be understood by other spirits.
Steve Mickelson32 to 26 year-old – Any Race other than Native Ameerican – Steve Mickelson is a detective with the local police department. Steve and Paul went to college together. He is a gruff type of character, but tries to respect the local customs and traditions, though he knows little about them. He has little time to play around and wants to get right to the point.

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This is an adaptation of the Grimm Fairy tale The Shoes That Were Danced to Pieces. It was a favorite short story of one of my friends.

4 Page Excerpt: