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Script Type: Ceremonial Theater – 45 to 60 minutes



The Spirit of the Eagle and Azeban the Trickster tell the story of Simon, A mute teen-age boy in an abusive home, who is trying to escape his situation. After an episode with his step-father, Simon reaches out to his girlfriend, Lily, an exuberant teenager who hosts a Native American music podcast in hopes that people will be uplifted. Lily, her mother, Helen and Simon take a final stand against Simon’s abuser in hopes to change Simon’s destiny.


  • A small town in New Hampshire on Route 28
    • Simon’s house and Simon’s bedroom
    • Lily’s house and Lily’s bedroom
    • a hospital room
    • a space outside underneath the stars of New Hampshire


  • Escaping Abusive Situations
  • Strength of Women
  • Reclaiming One’s Power
  • Reclaiming One’s Culture

Cast of Characters: 4 Females, 2 Males, 3 Any Gender

Lily16 to 17 year-old – Native American – Lily is an exuberant 16-17 year old girl who loves life. She has started a podcast showcasing Native American music and puts it on regardless if people are listening. She is optimistic though she understands the reality of life as well. Lily absolutely adores Simon and wants to protect him whenever possible.
Simon16 to 17 year-old – Native American – Simon is a mute 16-17 year old. He feels people have trouble expressing himself due to not being able to speak. He loves his mother, Angel, though doesn’t understand why she allows his step-father to abuse them both. Simon has inner-strength, but has not found it yet.
Helen35 to 45 year-old – Native American – Helen is Lily’s mother who is an old friend of Angel, Simon’s mother. Lily knows about Simon’s home situation but is helpless to do anything. Helen is discovering more about her Native American heritage and finds solace within the ceremonies and teachings.
Angel35 to 45 year-old – Native American – Angel is Simon’s mother. Angel is addicted to drugs and alcohol trying to subdue the pain of abuse from her husband. Angel cares for Simon, but is too high to do anything for him.
Andrew40 to 50 year-old – Native American – Andrew is Simon’s step-father and Angels’ husband. To feel superior, Andrews physically abuses his son because he thinks Simon can’t talk.
Officer 1Any age adult – Any Race – Officer 1 is a competent police officer but understands very little about Native American life.
Officer 2Any age adult – Any Race – Officer 2 is a competent police officer, but understands very little about Native American life.
Spirit of the Eagle (Dancer)20 to 40 year-old – Native American – The Spirit of the Eagle is a dancer who interludes between the action on the stage. She represents balance, flow and unity among the people on the stage.
Azeban (Raccoon Puppet)Any Age – Any Race – Azeban (Raccoon) is a trickster animal. He is portrayed by a puppet but has a wily personality. Azeban teaches lessons and portends things to come which may be dangerous.


This was an original idea created from a writing prompt about Ceremonial Theater, a Native American art form.